I’m a dreamer. I love weddings.

A wedding isn’t just a party, it's not just an event. It's part of two people's life story. My job, and my treat, is to tell this part of their story. With lightness and discretion, I will walk close to you, ready to capture images and unrepeatable moments that deserve to be impressed in your memories. You will be able to relive in the future the emotions of that day, the details, the tears and laughter. That memory will make its way to the hearts of two people who have carved their love in time.

Mario Albanese Pereira Films

I will carve the frieze of your feelings in memory.
Together we can imprint the intensity of pure moments in the diary of memories and make the wedding day impervious to time.

My desire

is to create a page of your story where images and words are the main characters of an unrepeatable flow of authentic emotions.

Your wedding videos


Let me tell you about your emotions.