From Florence to Maremma | Wedding of Marta and Mario

From Florence to the Maremma, a double wedding within a few days.
Marta and Mario’s marriage was a leap from Renaissance Florence. With its avenues, monuments, bridges that span the Arno, to the unspoiled and wild nature of the Tuscan Maremma, with lush woods and its sounds.
From a civil ceremony to a symbolic rite, or as Mario says in his promise “from the pines of Careggi to the pines of Grosseto”.

Double wedding from Florence to Maremma

Within a few days of early July I accompanied Marta and Mario in the halls of Palazzo Vecchio, the seat of the municipality in the heart of the city. The enchanting Piazza della Signoria with its summer tourists and the majestic sculptures inside the Loggia dei Lanzi was a panorama for Marta and Mario.
For me, walking through the narrow streets of Florence and touching the bricks of ancient buildings is pure magic.

Double wedding from Florence to Maremma

The Renaissance scent of the first day in the Sala Rossa, of the first official and civil marriage, is replaced by the completely different air of the Maremma. From the walks in the city we move into a rude and rural atmosphere that frames the second wedding, that is the symbolic one this time, near Saturnia, in the midst of olive trees, chickens and meek dogs.

The leitmotif of this double wedding from Florence to Maremma were the smiles. The hugs with relatives and friends, the sighs and laughter after the exchange of promises have linked such different and distant environments.
Twice to dedicate love, twice to promise carefree.