I love my job. I love weddings.
We each have our chance to write a story. And the wedding day story is full of emotions, dreams that come true and dreams that are yet to become reality.
My purpose is to crystallize images and stolen moments so that you can see them again and feel all those emotions even 30 years later. As a storyteller I try to capture pure and genuine moments, such as words, actions, sounds. Every couple has its own story, every marriage is different. The wedding day is full of inspiration, curiosity and discovery. I love to capture with my lens the tears of a moved relative, the touching first dance of the bride and the groom, the joy of being together. All this is but a beginning.

I believe in happiness upon the faces I see. I believe in memory, in a day when we’ll be grandparents and show our grandchildren that
reportage of emotions.
I believe in marriage in all its forms


It doesn’t matter where you get married, whether in town or in the countryside, on the beach or in a cave, I will follow you anywhere in the world. Since I will be with you all day long, it’s important not to disturb your personal space, your intimate and joyful moments; I will capture those images from distance, I’ll try to be like a ghost. Discretion is my main motto.
I believe in my work and I always act with respect and delicacy. I’d like to create an authentic bond with you, so that I can become your friend and guest for that day. I think it's the most beautiful job of all.