About thirty kilometers from Siena, immersed in the typical Sienese landscape between the green of the surrounding woods and the ivory of the fields, stands the majestic Abbey of San Galgano, a romantic and suggestive place, perfect for hosting the wedding of Valentina and Matteo.

wedding in san galgano

The ceremony of Valentina and Matteo was embraced by the history of this deconsecrated church and the dedications of their closest friends, shedding a few tears even to myself.
From the Sienese environment, the wedding then continued inside of the Maremma scenery, in the Ancient Convent of Montepozzali.

wedding in san galgano

I love the Maremma, by now you know, in those places you can breathe a truly unique, wild, uncontaminated air. The ancient convent is a location immersed in the woods, which is on a hill from which you can admire a spectacular 360 ° panorama and, when the weather permits, enjoy a colorful and warm sunset.

The Story of San Galgano Abbey

The abbey exudes a timeless charm. Its stones tell the legend of the knight Galgano. He stuck his sword in the stone as a sign of renunciation of earthly goods, abandoned the life of a knight and became a hermit.
Even today we can admire the hermitage of Montesiepi, where he died, and his sword stuck in the stone.

Firstly, one of the most striking aspects of the abbey, in addition to its monumentality, is the absence of the roof. But why doesn’t it have a roof?
Founded in 1201 by the Cistercians, the degradation of the abbey was mainly caused by the actions of a commendatory abbot who had been entrusted with the management. To pay off his debts, he sold the lead from the church roof. Therefore, the degradation of the roof was slow and inexorable until the collapse of 1768.
Today, a destination for tourists and trekking hikers, the Abbey of San Galgano is perfect for hosting a wedding.