Andrea & Gary

UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN: Three Days of Love and Celebration

In an idyllic corner of Tuscany, among centuries-old olive trees and lush vineyards, Borgo Divino became the setting for a celebration of love that embraced the beauty and tradition of this enchanted land. Andrea and Gary chose this charming village for a wedding that spanned three unforgettable days, uniting hearts and cultures in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The curtain rose with a welcome dinner under the banner of red and pink, colors that enveloped guests in a warm and festive embrace. The evening was a perfect prelude, with tables laden with Tuscan delicacies and pizzas baked in wood-fired ovens under a starry sky that promised magic. Familiarity and cheerfulness danced among the smiles and chatter, igniting the spark of a celebration that would last until dawn.

The Heart of Marriage: Promises, Travel and Dances

The following day, the real heart of the celebration, saw Andrea and Gary exchange vows under the blue Tuscan sky, in a sea of light-colored dresses that reflected the light and joy of that moment. Their love for Italy shone brightly, with an old Fiat 500 that acted as a companion to the newlyweds on a romantic journey among the cypress trees, the eternal symbol of the Tuscan countryside.

As appetizers arrived, the energy skyrocketed, ushering in an evening of festivities that saw the bride and groom open the dinner in style, with the sparkling clink of champagne bottles filling a glittering tower. The night then ignited with Latin American rhythms, where dance masters led guests in wild steps, uniting everyone in a whirlwind of music and passion.

But the surprise was not over yet: the dinner ended with a breathtaking display of Chinese dragons, a riot of color and sound that left everyone speechless, in a perfect blend of tradition and spectacle. And when the music started playing again, there wasn’t a single guest who didn’t get swept up in the dance, celebrating Andrea and Gary’s love until the last breath of the night.

Borgo Divino: Witness of a Timeless Love

In these three days, Borgo Divino was not only a wedding venue, but the beating heart of a timeless love story, a place where every smile, every toast, every dance step wove the memory of a wedding that will remain etched in the souls of those lucky enough to be a part of it.