Nina and Devinda

TWO HEARTS, TWO CULTURES: the meeting of traditions in a Tuscan wedding

On a day that marked the union of two cultures, two traditions and two hearts, Nina and Devinda celebrated their love in an extraordinary 15-hour-long wedding that embraced Indian and Kandyan traditions. This event, held in the Tuscan hills, was a journey through ancient rituals and moments of pure emotion.

The Indian Ceremony: A Kaleidoscope of Colors and Symbols

The day began to unfold with the Indian ceremony, a kaleidoscope of bright colors, embroidered textiles and profound symbols. Nina, adorned in glittering jewelry and intricate henna, and Devinda, in a traditional robe, offered guests a unique cultural experience. Every detail, from Indian mandap to traditional melodies, contributed to the atmosphere of solemnity and intimacy.

Kandyani Rites: Tradition and Sacredness

The Kandyan ceremony, with its symbolic rites and sacred atmosphere, added another layer of meaning to the wedding. The bride and groom, led by the celebrant, walked together through the steps of a tradition that has deep roots in Sri Lankan history and culture. A particularly significant moment was the groom’s entrance to the Indian ceremony, accompanied by a group of Indian musicians in a burst of music and dance. This entrance, a surprise gift from the bride, transformed the path to the mandap into a lively and joyous celebration, with guests dancing around Devinda in a whirlwind of merriment.

Emotional Moments: Memories and Wishes During Dinner

During dinner, among the hills of Montespertoli, another emotional part of the wedding took place. Memories shared by friends and good wishes from close relatives touched everyone’s heart, creating a deep bond between the guests and the couple. The dinner setting, one of the most beautiful of the year, enchanted the guests with its elegance and refined style, which blended perfectly with the natural environment. Nina and Devinda, in this wedding, did not just unite their lives; they wove together the textures of two different cultures, creating an event that was both a celebration of love and a bridge between two worlds. Every moment, every ritual, every smile was a step toward creating a new story, one that speaks of love, respect, and togetherness.

Tenuta Corbinaia: A Jewel in the Tuscan Countryside

The princely Tenuta Corbinaia stands like a jewel set in the lush landscape of Montespertoli. This marvelous farmhouse, dating back to the 1800s, is nestled in a setting that seems straight out of a fairy tale, with its breathtaking views and fascinating history. Purchased in the early 1970s by Edo Rindi, a great lover of art and beauty, the estate was the place where he realized his dream of producing excellent wine. Rindi’s children, Brunello and Monica, have followed in their father’s footsteps, entirely renovating the estate and focusing on organic wine and oil production, surrounding it with incomparable landscapes that create a dreamlike atmosphere. Tenuta Corbinaia is a place where time seems to stand still, where nature and history come together to create a unique experience. With the possibility of holding civil ceremonies and organizing banquets or receptions, the estate offers a perfect setting for an unforgettable wedding, where guests can immerse themselves in a magical and timeless atmosphere.